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kit kat

First batch of interviews

Posted by tadpolesrule on 2006.03.23 at 17:18
B.J. Novak and Rainn Wilson on Loveline

Television Without Pity Interview with B.J.

I found this interview really interesting and funny, and it was also the first place that I found out that B.J. and John Krasinski went to the same high school...who whoulda thunk? B.J. also gives his insight into Michael's strange interest in Ryan the Temp.

NeoMarxIs Me Interview
Short interview, where B.J. is asked about Tom Cruise and...prop comics??

Boston Globe - "Class Reunion" with B.J.and John
An in-depth article about B.J. and John growing up together, their different personalities, and a small section at the end that talks about upcoming projects. (I'm so excited that not only is Steve going to star in Get Smart, but B.J. will be a writer on it!!)

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